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Week 9 Bites: Summing Up Your Journey

  • 6 Mar 2016

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What are the key pointers and learnings that you should focus on at this stage of your journey? Here are some of our suggestions:

Lean & Burn

Up the fat and down the sugars can be one of the key tools to your lean future.
Incorporating essential fats into your daily diet actually helps your stored fat to be burnt more efficiently. Additionally, fat (even saturated fat), helps you to feel full faster so you eat less often and in smaller quantities. When you avoid sweet foods in conjunction with a healthy intake of fats such as no refined sugars, reduced fruits and no fruit juices, you’ll start seeing the weight fall off.


Living on stimulants instead of calories could be making you fat.
If you find you are eating less and gaining more, it could be because your metabolism is slowing down. When you feed your body insufficient amounts of food to thrive, and then disguise this insufficiency with caffeine (tea, coffee, cigarettes, cola) you are doing two things;

  1. Teaching your metabolism to run slower (burn fat slower)
  2. Giving yourself false energy which has an adverse effect on your blood sugar and in turn teaches your body to store fat.

The trick to successful weight loss is small regular meals. Doing this reduces stimulants and teaches your body to ignite your metabolism. It’s a strange and unfamiliar thought, but food can actually help you lose instead of gain weight.

Food & Lifestyle


Protein gives you power to find balance. Power to energise. Power to sustain and power to lose weight and gain muscle.
However, this power only comes if your protein is balanced with vegetables and fats. Your meal portions of protein should be the size of your palm or closed fist. Your plate should then have at least 3 helpings of vegetables together with the protein. Don’t shy away from olive oil, avocado, salmon or raw nuts and seeds.

When you eat can influence how your body responds to food as much as what you eat.
To ignite your energy, your concentration, your metabolism (for fat burning) and your general health, you should always eat breakfast. Ideally, eat every 3-5 hours. But it’s not just when, it’s also what. Avoid repetition and keep portions moderate. Vary your vegetables, your proteins and your carbohydrates. If you time your meals right and vary the content (containing wholefoods, not refined processed foods), then your engine should be running smoother than before.

Top Tips

Fight your stress with intelligent food choices.
Too much stress increases food cravings. Food cravings (and subsequent consumption) in turn also contribute to stress. Breaking the cycle by giving yourself a food fix with healthier options can be a fantastic starting point for rectifying your stress/craving sequence. Ensuring there is some form of protein and fibre in the food is a good start. An apple in its entirety is better than a glass of freshly pressed apple juice for example as the apple contains all the fibre. Couple an apple with a few raw almonds and you’re already off to a flying start.

Understanding that not all sugar is made equal could save your health.
Normal table sugar comprises 50% glucose and 50% fructose. It is hard to find sugar that doesn’t contain fructose, but the hunt is worthwhile. Brown Rice Syrup (or Brown Rice Malt) is a fantastic option for any Asian sauce, savoury dishes, or baking options. It is pure glucose. You still need to keep this in moderation, but the good news is that your body does have the potential to utilise the glucose rather than possibly metabolising it to harmful triglycerides in your body as fructose can so easily do. Brown Rice Syrup is likely available at your local health food store or online.

Coffee can be your friend if you respect its power.
To keep the side effects from interfering with your blood sugar levels, yet reap the benefits of the caffeine, you need to take a handful of protein (such as; raw nuts or seeds, a boiled egg, a yoghurt, a slice of goat’s cheese or hummus with crackers or peanut butter on toast). Eat the protein before you drink the coffee. Then either directly before or after have a glass of water. Both the water and the protein help to buffer the unwanted effects of the caffeine and you still get the ‘hit’ you’re looking for.


  • It’s all about merging what you have already learnt into one power tool for your health
  • Goals to keep you on track
  • Tasty Topic – Combining the goodies
  • Food Facts – Savoury delights
  • Recipe of the week – Savoury muffins or slice
  • Progress tracker – positive changes you have learnt so far

Your journey is almost complete! Next week, we give you ammunition to survive in the big world after programme 10.

See you next week for the grand finale!

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The Fitness First Get Fit Nutrition Programme has been formulated in conjunction with Sara Valentine at Valentine Nutrition.

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