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Week 10 Bites: The Final Bite – Keep The Change Consistent

  • 11 Mar 2016

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This is your last taste of our weekly bites. These bites were designed to provide you snippets of knowledge that have hopefully inspired you to read more of the programme.

This week also includes a few pointers and motivational tools to inspire lasting change. We enjoyed creating this journey and we hope you have enjoyed the ride.

Here is your final push!

Lean & Burn

If you need inspirational tools to help you shed some weight, there is nothing better than some entertainment.
Films that both inspire change and inform can sow seeds of change. Some of the best films to convey a healthy message are ‘That Sugar Film’ and ‘Fat, sick and nearly dead (1 and 2). These films are ideal for anyone serious about their health and achieving a healthy weight.

Don’t stop eating or you’ll wind up putting on weight. So many people (especially women) eat less and less yet increase stimulants more and more thinking it’s OK because it is just a drink.
If you are having weight issues despite slowing down on the food, now is the time to ramp up your eating (following this programme) in order to turn on your fat-burning hormones. Your body needs food for health. You can be thin and yet unhealthy. True healthy weight comes from eating the right foods consistently and in a healthy way. Your body will likely start doing you a few favours in return in both mind and body.

Food & Lifestyle

Eating a rainbow of colour every day can change your future.


If you want a brighter future there is no better way than to eat a rainbow a day. Ensure your variety comes from three quarters vegetables and a quarter fruit (maximum). Having a variety of colour ensures a successful cocktail of micronutrients to feed your body. Remember that one portion is one handful so you need one handful for every colour.

You’ve got the whole world in your hand when it comes to measurements.
Remember that you are different to your neighbour or spouse. Your healthy portion can’t be compared. Whether you have the tendency to overeat or not eat enough, your hand can help direct you. One palm full is one portion. One closed fist, or a flat palm is the size of a portion of protein. To ensure you are having enough protein with every main meal, use this measurement to ensure your protein needs are being met. After all, amino acids from proteins are the building blocks of a healthy body and mind.

Top Tips

Do you think nature really cares if your food tastes fabulous?
No, nature is not interested in food addictions or fixes. It doesn’t cater to excessive abundance of one food type, or of mixing multiple macronutrients all into one product. The only thing nature cares about regarding you is your food’s function. The function of food is to provide you nutrients. Nutrients that your body can effectively break down and convert to energy for your health and survival. Therefore, for you to be the best version of yourself as nature intended you to be, you need to consider every mouthful of food. Ask yourself: Is this nutritious or does it just taste good? If it’s a food fix, then reconsider. Temptation will always be there. It’s how you deal with temptation that counts.

Get your friends involved in your new love affair. 


There are not many affairs that you should encourage, but your new love affair with health should be shared far and wide. Some may be hesitant initially, but once they observe the incredible changes you are making, they will warm up to the idea. Rope them in. Statistics show that long-term success is much more likely in groups than in isolation. What you need to do is to share the love as much as you can. Social media is a fantastic tool to gain support from your friends. The biggest tip for long-term success is to surround yourself as much as possible with people on the same journey.


The final push from us is here. After this, the push is all your own. This week, it is all about ammunition to help thrust you above and beyond.

  • The final push helps arm you with ways to succeed
  • Goals to keep you on track
  • Goal setting templates to help you drive yourself forward for the next year
  • Tasty topic – Inspiring and desiring continued progress to make long term change
  • Food Facts – Greens. A simple list of ways to incorporate greens into your day
  • Progress tracker – positive changes you have learnt so far

Acceptance of risk and waiver of liability
I confirm and acknowledge my participation is limited to my own abilities and medical condition(s) (known or otherwise). I acknowledge associated risks of participation in the event I suffer from a medical condition, disability or other injury which may compromise my health and safety. I further acknowledge this may impact my end result and I absolve Fitness First of all liability, losses and damage for any injury I may suffer as a result of my participation.

The Fitness First Get Fit Nutrition Programme has been formulated in conjunction with Sara Valentine at Valentine Nutrition.

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