The Fit for Fashion Journey Continues

  • 19 Dec 2014

Curious about what your favourite Fit for Fashion contestants have been up to? Getting fit for life that’s what! With tailor-made nutritional plans and exercise regimens crafted under the guidance of Fitness First trainers, Citira, Kristina, Ming and Jerald have been hard at work getting stronger and fitter everyday. Take a look at what they had to say about their fitness transformations.

Fit For Fashion Winner – Citira

When anyone asks about my workout regimen with Fitness First Personal Trainer Farina, I quote a line from Jerry Maguire, “She completes me.”

Farina has won awards in Women’s bodybuilding in both Physique and Figure categories:

  • 2011 National SBBF 1st Place Model Physique above 165cm
  • 2011 Singapore IFBB (SFBF) 1st place Figure Division
  • 2014 WBPF South East Asian Championship 1st Place Women’s Athletic Physique

She lives and breathes fitness and is incredibly proficient and knowledgeable in utilising weights to sculpt and shape your physique. My fitness goal was to shed fat but also to build a stronger, sculpted, powerful, fitter, leaner body. I didn’t just want to look fit, I wanted to feel super fit!

In our training regimen we aim for 4 sessions a week;

  1. Legs
  2. Shoulders
  3. Back & Arms
  4. Chest & Abs

I love to mix up my fitness from doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) to Fitness First Flow Yoga classes, and from the get go Farina made it clear that I also need to take responsibility for my own fitness outside of our sessions in order to see and maintain results.

What I love and respect about Farina is that she’s incredibly humble, real and down to earth. She pushes me to the max in our sessions and she does not mince words over how hard it was for her to achieve her phenomenal physique and success. It upsets and perplexes me when I hear negative or thoughtless comments about training with a female body builder.

“Oh Citira but it’s easier for YOU to build muscle…”
“I was worried you were going to get HUGE…”
“We thought you would look too JACKED UP…”

Don’t people realise how incredibly hard you have had to work on honing your training and nutrition to achieve that muscle mass and definition? Women’s bodies are so physiologically different to men’s and our hormones make it much harder to simply shed fat while building lean muscle mass. So technically, these beautifully sculpted and muscled female bodybuilders have had to work that much harder then their male counterparts.

I think there still exists a double standard and archaic mindset in the fitness industry towards female trainers, and I believe simply by having someone like Farina on their team, Fitness First has the power to be a pioneer in flipping the script and banishing misconceptions about ladies who lift and women with muscles.

I’m so grateful to Fitness First to have been given the opportunity to train with Farina. The results and knowledge I’ve gained from her training have completely enhanced my fitness journey and helped me to achieve an incredible physique.
Yep, she completes me!

Fit for Fashion Finalist – Kristina

When I first came to Fitness First after completing our filming in Malaysia, I had already lost some weight and my endurance was quite ok. But I wanted to get more muscle definition to my body. I never wanted to be just skinny.

I was so glad to have Zai as my personal trainer. He created a 4 month program focusing on increasing lean muscle mass and overall stamina as well as improving mobility and agility.

We trained 4 days a week together. My routine was:

  • 3 days weight training (muscle building).That was the hardest part as I have never done such training in my life, so it was quite hard and painful to build my muscles from the scratch.
  • Cardio 3-4 times per week (fat loss and increase stamina)
  • Once per week Freestyle training (to improve stamina, mobility and agility)

And lastly, a high protein diet to help to build those muscles.

My training sessions have ended and I’m sad to end my sessions with Zai. He helped me so much, and is a true professional in what he does. He specializes in weight training and fat loss. He created for me a personalised training program and taught me how to support my body and my diet, so I would not be afraid to workout on my own after my personal training sessions are over. He supported me during my toughest times when I was frustrated with my body and tired from overtraining. He always believed in me and reminded me how strong I am, by pushing my body to its limit. He has become not only my Personal Trainer but also my friend.

By the end of our 4 months of training, I can definitely see the results. My body has never this way before. I have lean and defined muscles in my arms and legs, a flat stomach and my 6 packs are on their way.

My cardio results are very impressive. My mobility and agility has improved. Overall, I am very happy and grateful for this opportunity to be guided to a healthy lifestyle by such a professional personal trainer like Zai.

Fit For Fashion Contestant – Ming

Salleh is an amazing trainer who loves what he does and it shows when he trains. He is incredibly friendly (and funny!) and knows when to push your workouts to the max! He’s a big guy with a warm heart and has no problems whatsoever when I would ask questions about certain exercises and muscle stretches.

We’ve been doing a lot of cardio work, so that means running on the treadmill and doing focus training to work on the legs, butt, arms and waist. Since I’m weaker on the ankles and the wrists, he’s been teaching me certain exercises to strengthen those areas. Besides the exercising, he keeps up with the foods I’ve been eating and has helped me figure out how different foods in Singapore affect workouts that I do. Overall he is super informative, and I’ve learned so much from him and I will DEFINITELY be continuing the exercise routines as this Christmas comes around!

Fit For Fashion Contestant – Jerald

Friend, Mentor, Trainer, Inspiration. He’s been there, done that and now just imparting knowledge to his clients. Every session has been extremely enjoyable and rewarding in many ways. I look forward to training sessions with him every Tuesdays and Saturdays. It is always a great time to unwind from the hectic week and think about nothing but pampering myself with a great workout. Thanks Ram, you’re the best.

I did a lot of conditioning as well as strength training. At the moment I’m really satisfied with what I have and want to maintain it so I do a lot of functional training which gives me more mobility and stability as well as more efficient motor patterns.

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