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  • 11 Jan 2016

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What is a Portion?

Portion advice is challenging to generalise with online programmes without going into BMI’s, calories and detailed calculations. As this programme isn’t about calorie counting and is more about empowering you to make quick and easy decisions, we have taken a different angle on explaining portion control.
If purchasing items in the supermarket, weight portion is easy. However other areas are not so simple so we are using a functional tool that is always with you. Your own hand.

Tip: Did you know that the size of the palm of your hand (without your fingers and thumbs) is roughly the same size as your stomach. Therefore, it is your perfect measurement tool to gauge a portion size so you do not over or under eat.

Quantity or Portion Size

Cheese (Goat or Sheep only) Snack the size of your thumb.
Fish Size of the palm of your hand when cooked. This is usually approximately, 20% larger before cooking.
Chicken and Poultry Size of the palm of your hand when cooked
Red Meat Lamb fillet: palm of your hand in raw stateLamb Sausage or mince: 125g (approximately 1 & half sausage)
Eggs x1 – 2 eggs per portion (not fried)
Nuts & Seeds as protein 1 palm size (without falling out of your hand) in a meal on salads/cooking ½ cup or two palms full. Combine at least x2 seeds/nuts to form complete protein together
Vegetables Two palms full side by side – heaped.
Tip: Replace the usual rice or pasta in the evening with an additional palm of vegetables = 3 palms.
Fruit 1 piece of fruit. Smaller fruits: heaped handful berries, or smaller fruits,Eat with a protein to stabilise blood sugar levels (see programme 3 for protein tips).
Grains Once cooked one portion is your ‘closed fist size’. Beans, quinoa, brown rice, buckwheat and breads,
Pasta, Rice and Noodles 1 closed fist of cooked pasta rice, noodles and other grains
Leftovers Meal substitute is fine in correct ratios – add green vegetables for added goodness
Snack 1 handful per snack portion
Rotation You must rotate foods. Do not eat the same foods repetitively.


(Goat or Sheep only)
Cheese 3 times per week maximum
Fish No more than 1x per day of the same type of fish (e.g. salmon and cod or prawns, trout are fine in same day.
Red Meat No more than x1 every 2 weeks
Eggs x2 – 5, servings per week – non consecutively
Nuts & Seeds as protein x2 meals per week maximum as main protein source – non consecutively.
Vegetables Replace your carbohydrate void with extra vegetables raw or cooked: an additional palm full for a meal or snack.
Fruit x2 portions per day maximum. The higher the fibre the better.
Grains None at dinner (1 meal per week)
Pasta, Rice and Noodles Ideally: x1 meal per week
OK: 2 – 3x per week before 3pm only (unless after exercise)
Leftovers Snack size is one ‘saucer’ plate right rations include 30% protein
Snack Irrespective of the snack type, 1 palm.
Rotation Ideally you have 24 – 48 hours before eating the same protein again. This is not always achievable but please be aware.

Acceptance of risk and waiver of liability
I confirm and acknowledge my participation is limited to my own abilities and medical condition(s) (known or otherwise). I acknowledge associated risks of participation in the event I suffer from a medical condition, disability or other injury which may compromise my health and safety. I further acknowledge this may impact my end result and I absolve Fitness First of all liability, losses and damage for any injury I may suffer as a result of my participation.

The Fitness First Get Fit Nutrition Programme has been formulated in conjunction with Sara Valentine at Valentine Nutrition.

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