Fitness First, title sponsor for Fit for Fashion is one of the largest fitness brands in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia. As at May 2015, there are 90 Fitness First clubs spanning across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore and a combined membership size of more than 215,000. Fitness First has an unrivalled network in the region. Coupled with innovative fitness signature programmes, interactive digital platform and technology, world class clubs and expert support, the business is well positioned to expand its leadership position in the fast growing Asian fitness market.

During the show, contestants are being put through extensive training to prepare them to face a variety of physical challenges that pushed them to go further than they ever thought possible. It is in this process that they have been exposed to some of the latest Fitness First training methodologies including our cutting edge tools such as CustomFit and BioScore. CustomFit has been widely used by the contestants throughout the 10-week transformational journey with sets of inspiring personalised workouts to complement the workout plans that Mitch and Christine have created for them.

In the episodes you will be able to see how contestants use BioScore at the start of the show to gauge their fitness levels, and periodic checkpoints within the 10-week to see how far they’ve progressed and improved their BioScore.

To provide the viewers with a taste of what the contestants go through, Fitness First has created Fitness First 10-week Get Fit Programme which reflects the weekly themes of the show. The programme consists of a 10-week workout programme and a series of nutrition programme created by a licensed dietician on Fit for Fashion. The programme is designed in a way that will enable everyone to get started and follow through easily whether you are in the gym or at home.

As a partner in Fit for Fashion, Fitness First is positive that the stories that will unfold will inspire and educate viewers around the world to make fitness part of their everyday lives and go further than they thought possible in life!

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