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#F4FMovement Week 4: Push Ups

  • 6 Nov 2014

Show off your fitness moves and stand to win a 3-month Fitness First membership with 4 personal training sessions! Here’s how to join:

  1. Watch Fit for Fashion and look out for the #F4FMovement of the Week.
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  5. Wait for our direct message to see if you were picked in the weekly draw!

Week 4: Push Ups

If you think push ups only work the chest, you’d be surprised. As you lower your chest towards the floor, your back muscles need to fire up, which challenges the whole of your upper extremities. Push ups are proven to provide the best upper body gains in terms of muscular strength and endurance.

Watch the full #F4FMovement video below to find out how to do push ups right.

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Bonsey Jaden#F4FMovement Week 4: Push Ups