• #F4FJess

Australian-born and now living in Singapore, Jess is a sweet, lovely, bubbly girl that packs a punch, having practiced karate from a young age. Dancing from the age of 15, it’s hard to believe this petite girl was considered larger then her peers.

Whilst she seems confident and outgoing on the outside, she harbours a lot of self-doubt and insecurity on the inside. However, her strong competitive side has kept her going. She’s brave and has travelled the world.

Jess is a natural performer and is not afraid of being in the spotlight, having worked on various TV programs in Australia.

Jess is her own toughest critic claiming she hates her legs and stomach. She feels she doesn’t do enough exercise and needs motivation to change up her regimen – she no longer wants to cover up on the beach or feel like she’s not pretty.

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